Juli 23, 2019

End of second Wemin Portuguese course

The second Portuguese language and culture course ended in June and was entitled to a diplomas session at the Festa de Junho, Arraial Composto, with a […]
Juli 23, 2019

Wemin in the Popular Festivities of Lisbon

All decorations of “Arraial Composto” were produced in the workshops “Saturdays in Construction” and made from reused materials.
Juli 20, 2019

Wemin, at the Raval festival at Barcelona

The Raval Festival is the annual celebration of the Raval Neighborhood and it takes place from 11th to 14th July. Wemin summoned the neighbors to participate […]
Juli 16, 2019

Embroidery and herbal dyeing for inclusion

The first cycle of ALDA’s arts and crafts workshops in the framework of WEMIN has officially started! On the 6th and 7th of July ALDA animated […]