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novembre 20, 2018

Tearing down walls – empowering migrants and refugee women living in Europe

On November 9, 1989, the Berlin Wall was torn down within a day and the division of the German capital ended. Almost thirty years later, November […]
novembre 19, 2018

Launch of WEMIN in Ireland

Southside Partnership launched WEMIN on two dates in September and October 2018. A Women’s International Breakfast was held on the 19th September in Balally Family Resource […]
novembre 15, 2018

A chocolate unites us!

Undoubtedly, language is a key component of communication, while for refugees and immigrants it constitutes a key element of integration into the host society.
novembre 7, 2018

Promotion of WEMIN project at the “LINGUA CUISINE” project awareness event

Driven by enthusiasm was the promotional event of project LINGUA CUISINE that was organized on 20 Oct 2018, in Athens by the DAISSy (Digital Ambient Intelligence […]
novembre 1, 2018

Tearing down walls – WEMIN project empowers migrant and refugee women living in Europe

On 9th November 1989, the Wall of Berlin was torn down overnight, ending almost 30 years of division in the German capital. Almost 30 years after, […]
octobre 30, 2018

Femmes venues des quatre coins du monde réunies à Strasbourg dans le cadre du projet WEMIN

Le jeudi 20 septembre, l’ALDA a organisé à Strasbourg le premier événement de diffusion du projet WEMIN (Autonomisation et intégration des femmes migrantes), un projet financé […]