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diciembre 13, 2019

Wemin: un gran desafío a todos los niveles

Dos años de proyecto nos han aportado un enriquecimiento profesional enorme. Cada día ha representado un reto: a nivel local, con nuestra comunidad. A nivel internacional, […]
diciembre 15, 2019

WEMIN alumni in Stuttgart

Two years of intensive work had been done: in WEMIN German language courses, in special cultural programs for immigrant and refugee women, in mentoring activities and […]
diciembre 15, 2019

WEMIN empowerment program Stuttgart

People who are new to a country need support and guidance. But this takes time, courage and strength. Not everything you see, hear and read in […]
diciembre 15, 2019

Arts and culture workshop: Intercultural WEMIN cookbook

Food and culinary traditions are links between cultures. All cultures have their kitchen specials, dishes for festivities and unique principles of preparing food. From cooking to […]