Neues & Events

Juni 20, 2019

Interview Skills Workshop

A workshop was held for migrant women participating in the WEMIN Programme on Interview Skills on 6th June 2019. This workshop was a follow on for […]
Juni 20, 2019

Cultural Outings of WEMIN: roses, giants and boats

Wemin develop linguistic and technological training aspects and we strongly believe that the knowledge of the local culture and the host community by newly arrived women […]
Juni 14, 2019

Interview mit Ayse Özbabacan, Integrationsbeauftragte Landeshauptstadt Stuttgart und Mitglieder der WEMIN-Expertengruppe in Deutschland

Ayse Özbabacan, warum ist es so wichtig, Menschen, die neu zu uns kommen, Angebote zu so genanntem Empowerment zu machen – so wie es aktuell WEMIN […]
Juni 10, 2019

Interview of Nadia – Cultural mediator for Asev

At the Italian school of Montespertoli (province of Florence), a final event took place on the morning of June 6th to conclude the Italian course and […]
Juni 6, 2019

Prohibition and obligation in French language

Je dois, tu dois, il doit, nous devons… (I must, you must, he must, we must…) The French course happening on Tuesday, May 7th in Strasbourg […]
Juni 6, 2019

Everyday life in Strasbourg

As part of the WEMIN project, French language courses continued in Strasbourg. On April 2nd, the last session on the theme of the “city” was held. […]
Juni 6, 2019

The last day of the Italian class in Montaione_celebration

Juni 1, 2019

Stories of Change from Dublin

Leila was a participant in the WEMIN English classes and other WEMIN events. She has now found employment in an information technology firm and she believes […]
Mai 25, 2019

The month of Women in Colectic with Wemin

March 2019 marked a huge difference to Colectic, because for the first time we have joined, as an entity and with WEMIN participants, the activities organized […]
Mai 25, 2019

Interview to WEMIN teacher

Interview with Marina who teacher the Italian Language to twenty ladies, mainly coming from Morocco, for the WEMIN project (Empoli – Florence Province). The Italian Language […]