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abril 1, 2020

Successful completion of the “WEMIN” project coordinated by HOU-DAISSy Research Group

On the 31st of December 2019, the two-year AMIF project WEMIN: Migrant Women Empowerment and Integration came to its completion. Funded by the European Union’s Asylum, […]
desembre 30, 2019

Impressive creations were made during the Cultural Workshops of the WEMIN project!

The cultural workshops, part of the EU funded project “WEMIN: Migrant Women Empowerment and Integration”, were successfully implemented by the “Olympic Training & Consulting Ltd” (partner […]
desembre 22, 2019

International Conference “Women in Displacement: gender, migration and the challenges of integration in today’s Europe”

Undoubtedly, the international conference entitled “Women in Displacement: Gender, Migration and the Challenges of Integration in today’s Europe”, was a very successful event! It was organized […]
desembre 15, 2019

Women’s rights – 70 years of „Grundgesetz” in Germany – Scrapbook

Rights of women are well defined, but reality is different. In the year of the 70th anniversary of the “Deutsche Grundgesetz”, der German Basic Law, migrant […]
desembre 15, 2019

Women’s rights – 70 years of „Grundgesetz” in Germany – Exhibition

A group of migrant and refugee women met within the context of WEMIN for creative workshops on female rights. The starting point was the 70th anniversary […]
desembre 15, 2019

Arts and culture workshop: Intercultural WEMIN cookbook

Food and culinary traditions are links between cultures. All cultures have their kitchen specials, dishes for festivities and unique principles of preparing food. From cooking to […]
desembre 15, 2019

WEMIN empowerment program Stuttgart

People who are new to a country need support and guidance. But this takes time, courage and strength. Not everything you see, hear and read in […]
desembre 15, 2019

WEMIN alumni in Stuttgart

Two years of intensive work had been done: in WEMIN German language courses, in special cultural programs for immigrant and refugee women, in mentoring activities and […]
desembre 13, 2019

Wemin: a great challenge at all levels

Two years of project have given us enormous professional enrichment. Every day has represented a challenge: at the local level, with our community; internationally, with the […]
desembre 13, 2019

A tapestry of stories around the world

Maybá Calderon de Nieto, arrived to Barcelona some time ago, after her husband died in Venezuela, when her daughter asked her if she wanted to come […]