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mai 25, 2019

The month of Women in Colectic with Wemin

March 2019 marked a huge difference to Colectic, because for the first time we have joined, as an entity and with WEMIN participants, the activities organized […]
juin 1, 2019

Stories of Change from Dublin

Leila was a participant in the WEMIN English classes and other WEMIN events. She has now found employment in an information technology firm and she believes […]
juin 6, 2019

The last day of the Italian class in Montaione_celebration

juin 6, 2019

La vie de tous les jours à Strasbourg

Dans le cadre du projet WEMIN, les cours de langue française se poursuivent à Strasbourg. Le 2 avril était organisée la dernière séance sur le thème […]