WEMIN - Migrant Women Empowerment and Integration

The WEMIN project (Migrant Women Empowerment and Integration) aims to implement and promote a comprehensive integration model for migrant/refugee women (MRW). Through direct interventions in women populations and through experience-sharing among partners social, cultural, educational and professional aspects of inclusion will be addressed and active participation will be achieved.

The project’s expected outcomes are to:

Prepare social inclusion through cultural awareness (including the acquisition of linguistic skills)

Empower MRW through information on the educational system and the position of women in the host societies, and on available support structures

Promote peer learning among MRW and institutions through an online platform

Promote direct interaction and sociocultural exchange with the local society through common activities, thus challenging stereotypes

Transfer good practices within the partnership countries

Disseminate good practices in MRW integration both inside and outside the partnership countries