Our activities

WEMIN will empower migrant and refugee women living in Europe to actively participate actively in the host societies’ sociocultural life. At the same time, all local communities involved will benefit from increased social cohesion and more active participation of their vulnerable yet resourceful members.

A number of trainings, mentoring sessions, peer learning and art activities are planned within the project - many occasion to stimulate dialogue, intercultural relations and exchanges. An online platform will also be used to foster peer-learning and exchange.

Broad dissemination of activities and exchange of experiences all over Europe will reach stakeholders involved in migrant integration (immigration & asylum services, social services providers, NGOs, entities involved in training and supporting migrants and refugees) as well as citizens, raising their awareness about cross-cultural dialogue.

Creation of a Good practice guide, to transfer best practices on migrant and refugee women integration in partners’ countries
Development of communities including migrant and refugee women, and local women from the communities of the partners, who will participate in the project activities and become multipliers within their circles
Preparing social inclusion through cultural awareness trainings for migrant and refugee women (linguistic, socio-cultural, etc.)
Empowerment and mentoring sessions for migrant and refugee women by informing them on the educational system and the position of women in the host societies, as well as on available support structure
Facilitate active participation of MRW through mentoring on opportunities in education, volunteerism, and work
Participation in activities hand-in-hand with women from local communities to challenge stereotypes on migration (crafts and culture workshops)
Development of a peer learning online platform, promoting exchange and dialogue, and ensuring the project sustainability
Wide dissemination of the project activities and outcomes, particularly good practices on migrant and refugee women integration, will raise awareness and promote concrete opportunities for improving our communities throughout Europe